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Do you remember this tune by Dolby's 80s protege?



Besides his own music, Thomas Dolby was also busy as a producer and guest musician in the '80s. Always on the cutting edge, Dolby was always looking for a New Toy and in the '80s he found it with Lene Lovich.

Lovich was born in Detroit and at the age of 13, she and her English-raised mother moved back to England. By the mid-70's, Lovich was in her mid to late 20s and embraced the theatrics of the new wave/punk movements and landed on the U.K. charts with her unique stylings on pop music. In 1981, she teamed up with Dolby for New Toy that was a minor hit in England and a Top 40 hit in Australia.

Besides writing and producing New Toy, Dolby appears in the video but just as a side character to Lovich. The video for New Toy features Lovich's lovely locks in a song about rampant commercialism and branding - and her hatred for Hoover vacuum cleaners. It also holds the unofficial record for biggest pair of scissors used in an '80s video.

Lovich released only one album after the '80s and settled into family life raising her two children and supporting PETA.


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