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Great trailers for great movies: 1982's 'The Thing'



John Carpenter knows how to make a movie. And even way back 35 years ago in 1982, Hollywood knew how to make great trailers for them. Keep in mind this was a rare moment of serendipity during a time when movie trailers were - frankly - just wince-worthy.

Check out the trailer for The Thing, which turns 35 years old this week. You've seen the movie a dozen times - at least - but after seeing this trailer, don't you want to pull a Ferris and go home to watch it again? 

From the moment you hear "Hey, we found something in the ice," you're hooked again.

Here are five things you might not have known about The Thing on its 35th anniversary.

1. It opened on the same day as Bladerunner. (June 25, 1982)

2. Carpenter has often said of all his movies, this is his personal favorite.

3. There are no female characters in The Thing, unless you count the voice of the chess computer, which was voiced by Carpenter's wife Adrienne Barbeau.

4. The icy Antarctic sets were actually located in L.A., where the sound stages were cooled to 40 degrees.

5. It's a tradition in all British Antarctic research stations to watch The Thing as part of their Midwinter celebration, which is held every June 21.


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