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Here's hoping Stan Ridgway's musical chops never cool down

As we get deeper into the summer, the weather is beginning to heat up. Though he's not a meteorologist, when Stan Ridgway says The Big Heat is on its way - I believe him.

 Every few years, Stan Ridgway's name keeps coming up whether it's one of his fantastic videos being featured on Lost and Found or his great interview on SIT80's podcast Episode 55. After profiling his videos for Camouflage and Don't Box Me In, we now take on The Big Heat, the title track to his first solo album from 1986.

Ridgway's songs always sound like the soundtrack to film noir, so it's no surprise that the video for The Big Heat is filmed in black and white and set in the dark, seedy streets and back alleys of California as Ridgway is on the trail of a perpetrator whose crime remains a mystery to the listener. The Big Heat was inspired by the 1953 movie of the same name that starred Glen Ford as a homicide detective who takes on the mob after they kill his wife. Ridgway is still making music with his last album Priestess of the Promised Land being released in 2016.

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