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New podcast: Mopey memories of graduation in the '80s

Oh, graduation. I remember like it was yesterday. And we all know what a crappy day yesterday was. Truth is, there wasn't a lot of inspiration for great graduation moments given to us in the '80s. Of all the movies, Say Anything probably comes closest to turning a high school commencement into a movie theme. 

"Yes, yes. We know. The real world was waiting for us, and what a bummer that was going to be. So stay here - for as long as you can - and put off reality for another day." It's the same oatmeal we've been served since watching poor Dustin Hoffman struggle in The Graduate. Do you know how long that movie screwed me up? And I wasn't even able to capitalize on "plastics."

Alas, I have pretty ho-hum memories about both my high school and college graduations. The high school story you'll hear in the show. The college one was just lame. So few memories you couldn't turn it into a proper kaiku. Maybe that's why I tend to avoid all graduations since that time. Missed my sister's. Missed my neice's. My poor nephew is next - thwarted by my nightmarish memories that are the result of my own bad choices some 30 years ago. Maybe it's time to play some Dan Fogelberg with the lights turned off...

Okay, I'm getting off message. Anyway, we did a podcast this week on Graduation in the '80s, commenting on the movies and memories we have from the '80s. It's happy, sad and everything in between. Hope you enjoy. Or at least forgive. And hopefully I'll forget.


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