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New podcast: Movies that become TV shows in the '80s



We don't talk much about TV in the '80s on Stuck in the '80s, and of course there's a theory behind this. We were SO BUSY with our AMAZING social lives that we simply didn't have time to watch regular TV.

I'd like to believe that's true. It probably isn't. But this being Stuck in the '80s, revisionist history is not only permitted, it's encouraged. So this week's show is on '80s movies that later became TV series. We'll probably do a whole series of shows on this topic, but for the first episode, we decided on three: Blue Thunder, Fast Times and Alien Nation

All three lasted just one season. All three were fairly well done (Alien Nation was exceptionally well done). And all three are largely forgotten these days. We give them some needed love. Hope you enjoy the show. 

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