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That song from Thomas Dolby and the other Sakamoto



From playing the iconic keyboard solo on Foreigner's Waiting For A Girl Like You to working with funk meister George Clinton to creating iconic cell phone ring tones, Thomas Dolby has always done his fair share of work in the field of music. One experimentation by Dolby you probably have never seen or heard is his collaboration with Ryuichi Sakamato and the video for Field Work.

Who is Ryuichi Sakamato? A talented man from Japan who has excelled as a pianist, composer and actor among many pursuits. He was the lead opposite David Bowie in the 1983 movie Merry Christmas Mr. Lawrence and also won the Academy Award in 1987 as the score composer for The Last Emperor.

It has to be a coincidence that earlier in the decade that Dolby would sing the lyric "Good Heavens Miss Sakamoto. You're beautiful!" on She Blinded Me With Science and then later in 1986 would team up with another Sakamoto for Field Work. A song from Sakamoto's album entitled Illustrated Musical Encyclopedia, Field Work is part experimental/part pop song and the video features the two music mavericks in front of the cameras.

In the video for Field Work, Dolby appears to be a Travis Brickle-inspired character from Taxi Driver with the Mohawk, a pull up exercise routine and a celebrity infatuation. His infatuation is with Sakamoto, who plays Tenshi Tanaka, a fictional Japanese WWII soldier who was discovered isolated on the Iwa Jima Islands, unaware that WWII had long since ended. Many years later, Tanaka moves to the U.S. and is stalked by Dolby - but what are his true motives? The video reveals the answer in a stylish ending that makes you wish more artists put as much thought into their videos as Dolby did.

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