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  1. Tell Me About It: Man conflicted over wife vs. 'other woman'


    Man conflicted over wife vs. 'other woman'

  2. Tell Me About It: Mom wants contact with son's ex-girlfriend


    Q: My 21-year-old son just broke up with his girlfriend of five years. He said it was mutual, and I'm not surprised by it. They're moving in different directions and have fundamentally different ideas of what the future holds for each.

  3. Tell Me About It:


    Expressing concern for now-bald neighbor

  4. Tell Me About It: Parents should raise a child, not a gender


    Parents should raise a child, not a gender

  5. Tell Me About It: Former fiance wants a second chance


    Q: My former fiance, "John," prefers staying home to going out unless it's for work or family. I'm easygoing and never had a problem until a few weeks ago when he didn't come to an awards ceremony where I was being honored. I had to beg him to come.

  6. Tell Me About It: Mom's ashamed of her feelings of jealousy


    Q: Last night I sat through my last awards ceremony. I would be ashamed if anyone knew what goes on in my mind during these ceremonies. I watch the exceptional students go up for applause. I sit with my child knowing he will not receive a thing and I wonder — why are these mandatory-attendance?

  7. Tell Me About It: Woman hasn't caught on to being rejected


    Q: I am about to start my sophomore year of college. During my freshman year I met a guy and fell in love with him. He is a really great guy but he was weird about our relationship: He refused to call us boyfriend-girlfriend even though we spent all our time together, slept together, and he told me he loved me. …

  8. Laws protect moms' right to pump at work, but the reality is more complicated


    Crystal Early's son took to breast-feeding right away. At 10 weeks, James was already more than 13 pounds and "hungry all the time," Early said recently. But in just two weeks, she would be back at work and would need to pump breast milk.

    "We especially talked about how it makes a difference in the workforce. We can work and be moms and be supported in both," says Lauren Zelin. . [Linda Davidson | Washington Post]