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  1. Pinellas sheriff: Three Seminole Middle School students arrested for assaulting teacher, school employee


    SEMINOLE — Three Seminole Middle School students were arrested April 21 on charges that they assaulted a teacher and a support employee in separate incidents caught on surveillance video.

  2. Gov. Rick Scott faces jarring rebuke in legislative budget deal

    State Roundup

    TALLAHASSEE — Gov. Rick Scott traveled the state the last two months calling out legislators for opposing his top budget priorities.

    Florida Governor Rick Scott speaks to reporters after a roundtable discussion with Tampa community leaders and business owners about the state of Enterprise Florida and its relation to Florida's military and defense communities in March in Tampa. [Andres Leiva | Tampa Bay Times]
  3. Bill proposes to cloud Sunshine Law by letting elected officials meet privately

    State Roundup

    TALLAHASSEE — The Florida Constitution and the state's famed Sunshine Law give residents the right to observe meetings held by their elected officials.

    If a House measure passes the Legislature this year that allows two members of a public board, are meetings like this 2015 St. Petersburg City Council workshop going to be rendered moot? [MONICA HERNDON | Tampa Bay Times]
  4. Retired Tampa police officer pleads guilty to theft of treasury check


    TAMPA — A retired lawman and husband of a disgraced Tampa police detective admitted Thursday that he cashed a U.S. Treasury check his wife had stolen from an evidence room.

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